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The beginning of the swindle

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A nice face, isn't it? That is the first impression. Maybe you have seen him in sites used to meet people, maybe you found him in sexyono or in any chat room. He introduces himself as Martín Sánchez Avanzini and, at the beginning, he is all you could ask from a man. But the dream does not last: the dream, in fact, lasts as long as his lies. This is the story of a man who names himself Martín Sánchez Avanzini, but in the real world, his name is a little bit different, as different as the story he uses to manipulate his victims, to earn your trust and to end up letting you down, as you will soon discover.

This is the story of Martín Sánchez Carhuas, also known as Martín Sánchez Lee, and the account of how, through lies and fabrications, he makes women fall in love with him on line, then blackmails them sentimentally and finally, he makes fun of them.

I met Martín Sánchez Avanzini through a social network. After several meetings on line, he told me his story. His Italian grandfather had arrived to Spain without money or job. Several years later, he managed to succeed in a family business, which with time a well-known enterprise. In the meantime, he had got married and had a daughter, who grew up without free of material needs and lived always in a shallow world. The daughter married a Spanish business man and from this marriage, two kids were born: Martín and Ernie, twins. As the years passed by, the differences between them kept them apart. Martín would spend his time with his grandfather, whereas Ernie just cared about increasing his social relationships.

By chance, the modeling world opened its door to Martín. He spent sometime of his youth between parties, drugs and promiscuity. One day, when his lifestyle had become unbearable, he met Holenka, a gipsy woman with whom he would fall deeply in love. However, Martín´s wealthy family would not accept her, due to her social status. After some bitter arguments, he left his own house to marry the woman of his life, and broke his relationship with his whole family, except by his grandfather who always stood by his side.

For a few months, he was happy. He had a steady job and a wife who loved him. Nonetheless, one day he got a call at his office: his wife had had an accident. He took off for his house and once there, he was informed: Holenka had been run over just in front of her house. She died as a result; by that time, she was two months pregnant. He assumed his family was responsible for Holenka's death, since -according to his neighbours-, the car which had run her over was really fancy and expensive.

Shattered, he left Spain with nowhere to go. He started doing drugs again, back to the easy, shallow life. If he had no money left, a simple call to his grandfather would do. Months later, one morning, he woke up in Germany. The streetwalker he had spent the night with had stolen him his money and everything she could. The housekeeper, owner of the motel he had slept in, heard his story and suggested he should move away from Europe, as a way to forget. He left Europe and move to Peru, which would be his next destination.

In Lima, he worked at the Spain Embassy, rented a luxury apartment and bought a brand-new car. His life went by with no major issues. Still, one afternoon, as he was coming home from work, a child in a street approached to him and tried to sell him some candies. The boy called his attention, since he reminded him of his non-born son. He swore himself he would help that child, and any child in need like him, should he had the opportunity. He quit his job, sold his car, asked for donations to his acquaintances and even got in touch with his brother. With the money collected, he established a first-aid post, destined to give shelter to street children. By then, his family in Spain contacted him. His grandfather had passed away and, in order to read his will, his presence was required. His grandfather had left him his whole fortune, which he would get the day he returned to Spain with the woman he were to spend the rest of his life with. Since he had nothing left to do in Spain, he flew back to Lima again. The reading of the will had a consequence: his family would keep him apart forever. His mother died no longer after. Then, he decided to change his last name, to prevent his family from contacting him. Ever since, his name was Martín Sánchez Carhuas.

Once in Lima again, he worked even more in his first-aid post, but life had prepared a major surprise for him: he was diagnosed with stomach cancer, in initial stage. With no family and no reasons to stay alive but the first-aid post itself, he did not take care of himself. All he cared about was his kids and he devoted himself to them. He also started working at a university as a psychology teacher. He did not have any expectations on life; neither did he expect to find the woman with whom he would want to spend his life... until he found me.

Little by little, Martín convinces with his story. And you start getting calls, emails, and text messages in your cell phone, all those little details that you find in your inbox more and more frequently. And as your emotion grows, so does your worry, because Martín becomes weaker everyday and you cannot do anything... can you?

Against all odds, you realize that indeed, there IS something you can actually do... he usually says "Don’t leave me alone in the ship." And the concern for the love of your life increases, a little more everyday, until you cannot stand the situation. Then, you decide that, against all logic, despite all the well-intentioned advices from your friends, despite the rational voice in your head that keeps warning you from the danger, you'll send him some money because he is worth it. Don't we sacrifice anything in the name of love? Don't you deserve your fairy tale with a happy end? Don't you, as he has told you, deserve to be together, since you have been blessed? And so, unfortunately, the trap he has set for months, through lies, rip-offs, emails, calls and fake promises, closes over you. He achieves his goal: easy money. Whereas you, every night, pray to God that he is fine; that that day, the pangs of the cancer that is threatening his life don't torture him. And you dream, like every night, with the happy day in which the two of you are finally together.

So the months pass by... two years in the case of Death Angel (February 2007); one year and a half in the case of Kill Bill (January 2008); nine months in the case of The Punisher (May 2008). Each of these women hoped for him, each of these women suffered with his lies. Each one cried more than one night because of the sorrow, the wait that dragged them on... and the slow, cruel, shameless disclosure of a non-sense lie sharpened by this swindler, who without caring even a second about the damage he could be doing, played with the feelings and expectations of three women that only wished to believe in love. Unfortunately, through all this time, I have discovered that they have not been the only ones. Probably there are even more girls being affected (three at least) that have been victims of his lies and rip-offs: three cases in Mexico, each of them from a different state, and one more in Brazil.

Who is this depictable human being, so inherent to other people's feelings? What is the face of the swindler who did not matter to play with the time, expectations and hearts of these three women? I give you, then, the real Martín Sánchez Carhuas, resident in Lima, Peru, in the District of Lurigancho...

This is the face of a dreadful, shameless man. He is a mythomaniac whose only goal in life is to get money through manipulating the feelings of unfortunate girls he meets on line.

What is next, after his lies have been discovered? He uses even more lies. When he cannot maintain his fiction anymore, he claims that everything is a ploy designed by an obsessed woman who is trying to damage him. He continues pretending to be the blond European he shows at the beginning. If that does not work, to get rid of problems, he says he will go to Turkey, with a woman who, in exchange of his company, will help him out with money to solve the economic crisis in his first-aid post. He sells himself in his fiction just as he is been doing in reality, just in a different way, because in real life Martín sells his time, promises, and fantasies... in exchange, of course, of a lot of dollars, earned based on compassion and pity. Undoubtedly, even in his own fiction, he is a virtual prostitute.

Do not assume, at this point, that this story is about inexperienced teenagers. The age of these three women is between 25 and 35 years. They are not uneducated women, neither, since each one of them has a steady job and a university degree. But these facts did not prevent them from Martín's lies. So, at the moment you read this article, ask yourself as well: Do you think that your sisters, friends, neighbours or acquaintances would be save from him? Unfortunately, I do not think so. However, there might still be some hope.

This blog has been created for all the on-line community. For you, the girl who spend incredible amounts of time chatting with someone who never shows himself on camera, giving a thousand excuses; for you, the boy that hears a friend saying she has found love on line; for you, the man who has recognized his face in the pictures Martín uses to swindle his victims, and that has discovered that his picture has been used to condemnly deceive and hurt more than one woman; for you, that are used to wander around the chat rooms or the social networks just to meet new people; and above all, for you, that when reading this, perhaps remembered the day in which a man introduced himself to you, using a picture showing a pretty face and a cat, told you the story I just said, sentimentally manipulated you and let you down at last. If you are one of them, send me your story. At least, that way, we can warn others.

At the end of this blog, you will find the detailed stories of Death Angel, Kill Bill and The Punisher. You will find as well the pictures that might help warning other women and some other pictures of the so-called Doctor Holman Medina, a Martín's friend who "helped" him with treatments fighting against cancer, apart from some additional material.

This blog is a serious attempt to stop Martín. No girl should suffer that way. No woman deserves to be manipulated in such extremes. No woman deserves to be told so many lies. No one of them, or the potential victims, deserves to end up with a broken heart, just because she has decided to believe. Help us warning others, your effort in the spread of this information, through this link or your own voice, will be rewarded the day Martín Sánchez Carhuas is not able to fool any more victims. With this, the three angels will have their debt cleared.

The following links explain the detailed story of the victims:

In this link you will find the most used pictures of this swindler. If you identify someone, please let me know.

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Thank you a lot for reading! We count on you!
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